Chih-Wei(Jeffery) Yeh,

Jeffery (1975 - ) is a Taiwan-born illustrator with a degree in Illustration from The Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Based in Taipei, Taiwan,Jeffery’s works areknown to be “healing” with delicate colors and bright shades of warmth – winning him the name “the illustrator with aura”

As an artist, Ihave been seeking inspirations by tracing back to my ancestral roots. Reaching out to the ancient Chinese classical literature such as Journey to the West and Classic of Mountains and Seas , I wish to re-introduce the long-slept spiritual essence of our ancestors to the audience of the modern time, by bringing in the aspired notion of a better life and fun future ahead.

To star twith, I eventually choose Pi Xiu –one of the most representative mythical creatures commonly found in Chinese legendary tales – as the core figure of my work.Pi Xiu favors the essence and blood of the evils and turn them into fortune. I then started to re-explore the symbolic meaning behind it and reconstruct a new Pi Xiu that echoes with the modern time.


On colors, I adopt softerand delicate tones, along with a friendlier and charming appearance, transforming Pi Xiu’s image from the traditionally fierce and solemn to a gentle and adorable little creature. Despite thechange of appearance, the traditionally conceived positives of Pi Xiu remain,through which I wish to express our aspirations for a better life and future.

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